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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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mounting a huge case. >> we will be filing a lawsuit against johns hopkins and others who are responsible for what occurred in this matter. whether or not it becomes a class action will be of to the courts. >> the baltimore office has been fielding calls around the clock from concerned patients of the now deceased dr. levy. officials confirmed he had been fired 10 days before committing suicide for inappropriately taping and photographing his patients during appointments. >> i have not met with one person who has not asked for psychiatric or other counseling. they have all been in need of that. they have their faith in the medical system shaken. >> they recently won a judgment
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for victims in delaware after pediatrician was found guilty of taking videos and sexually abusing his patients. police tell of a news it has been revealed that dr. lee was using all types of surveillance type equipment to photograph and video his patients including using a pen that had a camera inside similar to this one that we found on the internet. police say investigators found more than half a dozen servers, not hard drives but servers full of pictures and videos. >> in my opinion it is best for the patients. after all those are people who were first involved in this. his patient should be number one on the list of those who do not need to be dragged through years of litigation. >> he plans on filing that lawsuit within the coming days. a reminder any victims of dr.
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levy that are looking for help, we have a number of phone numbers on our website, we are outside of baltimore city police headquarters. >> breaking news out of baltimore county. a water main break blocking traffic. skyteam 11 is over the scene. >> this is old court road. dpw is on the scene of a water main break in this location. they might have to shut down traffic from the beltway. they're making ago westbound. if you're going westbound on old court you have to go on park heights because of the work that is going on here. if you're thinking of using reisterstown road as an alternate it might want to forget about that.
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there's a two-car crash. shutting down one lane southbound. as you get toward reisterstown road in the beltway there is a disabled car that is in the area that is causing slowing. >> a baltimore woman is dead tonight and so was the man who killed her. police say that gruesome discovery was made by a young relative. police were on the scene after it unfolded around 6:15 p.m. last night. the victim is identified as candace baird. the man in a -- turned the gun on himself. it was two years when clinton bradley killed jackson.
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bradley had been previously convicted of murder and was on parole and probation when he committed that murder. >> a man charged in a frightening case of trespassing in glen burnie. police say justin beaumont got into high school and started talking about how he was bullied. detectives uncovered handguns and high capacity ammunition magazines inside his home. well there were legally owned, mental health concerns prompted authorities to seize them. beaumont was placed under mental health and will be reviewed before the case goes to trial. sarah brady is using her skill and influence to pass the gun control pope -- proposal.
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her husband james was wounded in the 1981 assassination attempt on president ronald reagan. >> sarah brady likes the proposal. >> sarah brady, the general of a 32-year-old battle over gun control met with anthony brown for a strategy session. the rich of her crusade go back to march 30, 1981. during the assassination attempt of president reagan. james brady, sears has been with shot. paralyzed and permanently disabled. the shooter, john hinckley, remains in a psychiatric hospital. she successfully lobbied for a ban on saturday night specials.
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and built and looks for handguns. she predicts gov. malaise proposal will pass. >> would you like most about it? >> perhaps the licensing. and the fingerprint checks and . >> 81% support criminal background checks and safety training and all are elements of the governor's proposal. as the denville moves through, [inaudible] sarah brady is not intimidated. >> they understand the public safety is the most important. >> the governor's gun-control provisions face a key vote tomorrow. a senate committee will decide whether or not to send it to the senate floor. david collins, wbal tv 11 news.
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>> dire predictions from the defense secretary still on the job. leon panetta tells congress as automatic spending cuts kick in march 1, most of the civilian workers in the defense department will have to be furloughed. we explain what that means. >> congress has over a week to come up with the deficit reduction deal or reduced -- or do with cuts that will go into effect. the defense department will take the biggest hit if congress cannot come up with a budget deal in the so-called sequester. $85 billion across the board, automatic spending cuts going to affect by law. >> i do not know where we will get the money. these are legally binding. we will have to cut back on training. >> in a letter to congress, leon panetta said the civilian workers will have to be
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furloughed one day wake, with a 20% pay cut. john perry warned of global consequences unless congress acts. >> of these days of a living but to sequester, everyone wants to avoid. we cannot be strong in the world unless we are strong at home. >> every day government workers will be most impacted. furloughs or layoffs will hit tsa, fbi, and border patrol agents and every budget from education to meals on wheels. >> the fact that the sequestered would-be severe and it would be right to american families. there are people working today who will lose their jobs. >> republicans say democrats want to increase taxes and not cut spending. democrats say republicans are protecting the ridge. and not closing the polls.
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congress is not in session this week. when members return on monday it will have four days to come up with a deal. jennifer johnson, wbal tv 11 news. >> someone in mount areas $26 million richer. winning the ticket from last night's drawing. it was sold in a shell station. a lot of speculation on who that twitter might be. >> that is the talk around here. there was one ticket with the winning numbers on it. all the $26 million jackpot will go to that one winner. >> there is still? on the -- still a question about the letter. the winner has yet to come forward. >> most people take the lump sum. the state also wins because maryland will get $1.60 million in tax revenue.
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quex the winning ticket was sold at the shell station in mount airy. people have been calling and coming in. >> >> all of military is abuzz. >> this is also retreateawesome. the winner is keeping to him or herself. no one has any idea who it is. >> it is someone here in town. i would hope so.
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it would be pretty nice to win that. >> checklist tickets if you did have a lottery ticket. the numbers are one, 15, 19, 30, 56 and the megaball is 28. if you have that to get you need to sign the back of that ticket and bring it in to claim your prize. >> thank you. this was a big deal in mt. airy, >> thousands of dollars of computer donation is all gone. >> the beautiful horse was several hundred pounds underweight. how you can help. straight ahead. >> the winter weather
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>> a popular boys' and girls' club went from having some of the up-to-date technologies to being close to $25,000 in debt. someone stole all the electronics and computers and
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cash. the thieves even took the trash cans. it happened between noon on monday and 8:00 p.m. -- 8:00 a.m. tuesday morning. the directors tell us where did it broke in through a back door at the side of the building. >> that program is on hold until we're able to replace the laptops. we have a lab where the young people do homework. we use the smart board to help them throughout the day and that is on hold. >> that is a real shame. all the stolen items were provided through donations. no suspects have been identified at this hour. nearly tripling the reward for the information leading to arrest of a student over the weekend. police say it they believe there were up to 30 people who witnessed these laying of --
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slaying of edmond st. clair. if you think you know anything about this case, called the crime solvers. that reward now stands at $7,000. >> the cdc reports failed drug overdoses in the u.s. are on the rise for the 11th year in a row. -- fatal drug overdoses in the u.s. are on the rise for the 11th year in a row. more than half involve prescription drugs, mainly painkillers. prescription drug deaths have outnumbered those from heroin and cocaine combine. also the number of people getting botox is on the rise. 8%. injections a rat are up more than 14 million received
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some kind of plastic surgery last year. six millions of those were botox treatments. after a lot of bad press and a steady suggests drinking diet beverages may have some health benefits. researchers asked 300 overweight or obese adults to substitute two sugary ridges. both groups lower their calorie intake. those who consumed more water eight more fruits and vegetables but those who win without -- with the diet drink ended up eating fewer deserts and that goes against a previous hypothesis that diet beverages could boost your preference for sweets. >> >> the gusty winds across the area of making it feel a lot colder than what the temperature might have indicated. we saw temperatures yesterday in
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the 40's. most of the day with highs in the low to the mid 30's. the normal high as 46. the current temperatures are indicative of the cold air filtering in on the gusty winds. 20's to the north and west and 27 besin westminster. much of garrett county in the teens. the winds have been testing, a 33 mile an hour wind gusts @ bwi marshall. you factor in the cold and the wind and it feels like wintertime. we are dealing with subzero wind chill in garrard county. one below zero is what it feels like ion oaklyn. 22 is the current wind chill. 27 at cambridge. 29 on the boardwalk at ocean city. if you have to be out you need a heavy jacket. bundle up. the winds continue at 10 to 15
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m.p.h.. the winter will be in the single digits. -- temperatures will be in a single digits. that is some of the moisture of the great lakes on those northwesterly winds generating the flurry we have seen in the area. clouds and sun mixed and an occasional flurry. the big storm is up north of maine. as high pressure comes from the north and west. in the meantime the storm is organizing to the south and west. it is 50 degrees in phoenix. they have had some snow around tucson. even in the far southwestern united states this cold storm has been developing and is going to track to the northeast across the country and come our way by friday. we may be dealing with some of this messy whether in the southwest. rain and snow in arizona and a massi mixture of rain, sleet, and snow moving toward the
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plains states. tomorrow when more sunny day. on through the evening rush hour. the skies should be clear. and on friday the clouds increase. we go through a friday afternoon rush-hour ok. maybe a close call. some sleet and snow is already in western maryland. you'll see that progressing east across our area. especially after sunset. some warmer air comes in and it is expected to change to rain. friday night into saturday morning, a slippery wintry mix maybe in the forecast. sunny skies tomorrow. 35 to 40. the winds are gusting over 30 miles an hour. it will feel like it is in the 20's. a small craft advisory on the bay. western maryland, it is cold out there. teens and 20s today. the wintry mix on friday.
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a cold weekend on western maryland. sunni tomorrow and 38. the wintry mix on friday night. on the coast including ocean city and the delaware beaches. look for when the conditions continuing and some rain developing friday evening. sunny but breezy and cold tomorrow. rain, sleet, and snow coming friday night into saturday morning. another storm headed this way toward the middle of next week. >> thank you. a smaller property tax but some added fees are on the way for baltimore city residents. >> we will look at some of the big changes outlined in 10 year financial plan. >> w
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>> homeowners in baltimore city could be paid 20% less in property taxes. they could be paying a fee for trash collection. that seems to be the theme of the 10-year financial plan.
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short-term pain, long-term gain. they will eliminate the budget deficit. there is a 10% work-force reduction. >> we need to look at a taxi tax so non-residents pay their fair share as well. >> baltimore city will see some changes in the parking technology that will use cost- effective tools. for plan you can head to our website, a growing number of maryland high school students are taking advanced placement courses. >> ap students also earn college credit. tim tutan is here with that story. the kids are taking these courses are not -- is not just
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for college bound kids. >> a p courses can be a great foundation for those who are saying i am going to work. that is something the state says should not be overlooked. offering the best of both worlds and it has paid off. with more students earning a score of three or more on one or more ap exams. >> students are getting ready for life after graduation. either their first job or the freshman year of college. both career start in the classroom. for some that means taking a pee courses. >> they have benefited me because -- that means taking ap courses. >> they have benefited me. they have given me exposure.
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>> students can choose to learn skills from a menu of almost two dozen programs. from baking to banking to engineering. some students are getting a taste of the real world. this student is an intern with an aerospace giant. >> we do projects throughout the year. the superintendent said there is a need for college and work force skills. >> collagen work force ready is where we want our students. some of our best and brightest may want to join their families business. they could be any kind of thing where they made huge contributions to society. >> the principal said he has lost count of those kinds of stories. >> we have a student who just graduated from law school and passed the bar. when she was here she was a baking student and she used her skills in baking to have extra money in your pocket while she
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went through law school. >> we believe every student needs a skill but in this economy we believe college should be in everyone's future. >> the future ground but with high level courses like advanced placement. >> these are courses where maryland has earned high marks. you can read a report that gives you everything., click on education alert. >> making a major change in its religious
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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news tonight. with stan stovall and donna hamilton. your insta-weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer and skyteam 11 covering breaking news where you live. wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. quex half a dozen emaciated forces are being cared for in the rescue form after being confiscated by the hartford county property on friday. all the horses are several hundred pounds underweight. >> according to officials, more animals are in danger. jennifer franciotti has that story. >> she is as skinny as they
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can get. >> there are six of them. thoroughbreds being relegated -- rehabilitated in howard county. there were found in various stages of the emaciation on a 68-acre farm on baldwin mill road. officials say the owners claim they could no longer care for the animals and were trying to give them away. one died, six more expected to be removed this week. and on the bodies killed rating of 1 to 9, 9 being the best, they break at one to -- rate tat one to three. >> all of that, you should not be able to see this bone structure. keep in mind she has a hole in her coat. >> the horses are still being evaluated. officials say there are no additional signs of physical abuse other than starvation. horses that way 1,000 pounds now
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have hundreds to gain and that is something the farm manager says has to be done slowly. >> multiple mills per day. she is going to end up beating about -- eating five or six meals a day. >> it is costly. 1900 to $2,400 per horse per month. >> reportedly funded -- we are privately funded. >> they have a 94% success rate. depending on the investigation, the horses could be up for adoption by the fall. >> misdemeanor charges are pending against the owners of that farm and each charge carries up to $1,000 fine and a
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90 day sentence. >> here's a look at some of our other top stories. at least one city law firm is mounting a case against johns hopkins hospital after was discovered that a former gynecologist there was secretly photographing his patients. investigators say dr. levy wa was using spy devices. hundreds of potential victims have come forward and on hot line has been set up to field more calls. levy took his own life 10 days after hopkins fired him over those allegations. baltimore city officials are investigating two fires from overnight. both reaching to alarms. they broke out at the same house. crews were called to the 4800 block of green cross road around midnight. they were able to get everything under control but hours later around 5:30 a.m., that fire rekindled. authorities confirmed someone was living in a home but no one
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was inside at the time. and gun-control advocate sarah brady is urging lawmakers to pass a comprehensive measure that would reduce gun violence. her husband, former white house press secretary jim brady was shot and paralyzed in 1981 after the assassination attempt on president ronald reagan by a mentally ill gunman. some -- sarah brady is promoting a ban on handguns. and also addressing mental health issues related to firearms access. >> the blast in kansas city destroyed several buildings. one person is dead, dozens injured. we have more on the investigation and research for women still unaccounted for. quex in the morning light, the charge, flattened remains of an entire city block show how powerful the explosion was. and how deadly. >> we have recovered the body at
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the scene. we cannot provide any positive identification at this point. >> rescuers used cadaver dogs to search the rubble for any unaccounted for victims of the blast. more than a dozen people were injured. several remain on hospital -- hospitalized in serious condition. a surveillance camera caught the moment of the explosion. the flames could be seen for miles. before the blast, utility crews working in the area of order the fire department to evacuate nearby businesses and residences. >> next thing you know, boom. everything just exploded. >> i heard a loud concussion. the whole back of the bus stop. >> everyone was not able to get out in time. officials are looking for missing woman who worked at restaurantlandmark breast l at the center of the blast. >> no positive identification
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has been made. not even to the gender of who was found. >> now the investigation into what caused the explosion and who is responsible is under way. but not before all possible victims are identified. >> the main thing that we have been focused on is finding people, taking care of people. we will get to the money phase and get to the blame phase later. >> uniphase officials were will take time. -- a phase officials say will take time. >> some very smooth thieves made off with millions of dollars in diamonds. >> how they were able to make such a quick getaway when we cover the world. >> more evidence tonight of the breakdowns that led to the shooting of a trainee by police instructor. that story is next.
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>> a majority of church members have voted to enter the catholic church as porter of the -- part
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of the church of st. pierre. the new community will identify its permanent home after easter. st. timothy's will hold two warships services. -- worshippers services. as we cover the world tonight. what to do with a retired probe? pope benedict xvi will be known as the bishop emeritus of rome. he will receive $3,500 a month from the catholic church and is expected to live inside a renovated monastery in the vatican gardens. officials hope that will be before may. he will stay at a summer residence. addicted is expected to dedicate himself to meditation and prayer after he retires.
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>> day number two of the bond hearing for oscar. stories -- pistorius. -- the double amputee insists he was not wearing his legs and mistook his girlfriend for a burglar. and a heist pulled off by french thieves. two armed men stole tens of millions of diamonds from a to beers jewelry store tuesday. shoppers did not know the heist was happening. no word on whether the two are connected. >> a series of hacking attacks blamed on the chinese military. ward that those accusations were flawed. >> the latest on an effort to tackle cyber theft.
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>> revealing the surprising economic impact that maryland lawmakers
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>> here is what we'rwe're working on for six. the i-team takes a look. and a new breed of gun lobbyists converge on congress. some say there
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rex the obama administration is announcing aggressive steps to do with an increase in canal linking to the chinese government. or in the story. >> the government denies it but china is suspected of being behind a spate of cyber attacks. on some of america's biggest companies. a crackdown focused on china. >> protection of intellectual property and trade secrets remains a serious and highly troubling issue. >> the announcement follows a report by security firm that the chinese government has been actively involved in hacking. for the purpose of stealing trade secrets. a report traces the hacking to a building in shanghai that has been confirmed as being the headquarters for a unit of
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cyber-war years for china's people's liberation army. thousands of cyber-attacks were launched from here against dozens of u.s. companies including big daily newspapers and the even bigger coca-cola, facebook, and apple. >> there is two companies left in america and one of those companies that have been hacked to know it and the companies that have been hacked and do not know it. >> hackers often gain access by tricking in employee to click the link in an e-mail. >> eric holder says in the meantime the u.s. will get aggressive, and forcing cyber- espionage laws. >> the defense department has made the investigation it top priority. >> other experts say hacking is so common these days, the time is better spent figuring out how to keep hackers out.
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>> now your 11 insta-weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the colder than normal february day. gusty winds and flurries that showed up on hd doppler from time to time. you can see them blowing in across the mountains. nothing significant but a passing ferry or two. much more significant snowfall into the mountains and the great lakes where the lake enhanced snow is continuing. we will see a clearing skies here. it was a cold day today. the high-temperature occurred before dawn. 30 degrees before the sun came up. the low so far has been 30 degrees. when they go below that before midnight. at the airport is 33. we could go below 30 degrees and probably will. 21 i and prospered. 20 degrees in oakland. most of the day, temperatures
5:48 pm
have been in the teens. .usting to 35 at hagerstown it feels like it is the mid teens to the north of us. some spots have the wind chill below 0 right now. around baltimore, clear skies and cool. still breezy. northwest wind at 10 to 15. the lows of 17 to 25 will feel like single digits at times tonight. the core of cold air extends across the great lakes and that is where you see the cloud cover. moisture of the lakes generates the lake effect snow showers. the storm center is pulling away. high pressure will come in with some sunshine. on its heels is another storm developing with snow in the deserts and that is tracking to the northeast and bring us some wintry weather here late in the day friday. a sunny day but it will fully because it will be called out there is still on the breezy side. on friday the clouds rapidly
5:49 pm
increase but we should stay dry through the early afternoon. probably to the evening rush- hour we're ok. after sunset friday, a mixed bag of snow and sleet and rain to the south. snow accumulation will be possible from baltimore north into southern pennsylvania. a decent rain as far as the intensity goes on saturday. the seven day forecast calls for 35 to 40. 15 to 20 miles an hour wind. a small craft advisory and the bay and 3 foot waves gusting to 30 knots. this note tapers off to flurries but picks up again mixed with sleet on friday in western maryland. a snowy weekend in the mountains. on the eastern shore, wall-to- wall sunshine. breezy and colder than normal and a mixed bag of precipitation friday night. it will be arraigned friday night at ocean city. that will continue into saturday as well. temperatures running below normal for the next few days before we get 45 on saturday
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with rain tapering off, to 50 sunday before the next room arrives tuesday and wednesday of next week. with another wintry mix. the cost of raising maryland's gas tax adds up to less spending power for consumers and it will be a job killer according to a new study by the baltimore based policy group. the americans for prosperity commission with the analysis. the examined three gas tax increase scenarios and says middle-class household would be hit the hardest. the study finds if the gas tax went up by 3% the state would lose $124 million in overall economic activity and as many as 959 jobs would have to be eliminated. airport security wait times may get a lot longer. staffing cuts would be one of the consequences of force spending cuts taking effect on march 1. airports across the country would be impacted if the $85
5:51 pm
billion in federal budget cuts go through a schedule. many federal agencies including those that handle airport security, customs, and air traffic control would be forced to furlough employees. for anyone traveling out of the wi marshall there is new food options if you are stuck waiting for flight. they have added two new restaurants to their air mall. a burger joint called bgr and chipotle. this is the second airport in the country where they have set up a pot. -- useppa spot. -- set up a spot. the maker of twinkies and other snacks shutdown in november laying off 80,000 workers. including those in a store in glen burnie. officials say those employees are eligible for trade adjustment assistance which will
5:52 pm
allow them to pursue trading in new skills. those workers who are covered will be contacted by maryland work force agencies. for more information on the range of services you can go to our website, beavers are gearing up for huge amounts of it from sony. -- a gamers are gearing up for a huge announcement from sony. revealing the next generation of a playstation. they have developed -- not developed a new consol in seven years. at xbox has taken the lead with the nintendo wii a close third. sony was the third but that may be shifting. >> they have amassed a bunch of exclusive development teams all over the world. one perfect game could change
5:53 pm
everything for sony. >> gaming itself is changing. consumers are downloading their games on their smart phones and tablets instead of buying consoles. the u.s. postal service has been delivering mail for hundreds of years but now they want to bring something to wear. they're coming out with a line of clothing and accessories called rain, heat, and snow. and this will be a win-win for the postal service which will get a small percentage of the sales. the line will release a selection for men and clothing for women is in the works. i could see you in these postal shorts and ankle-high blue socks. >> you keep imagining that. late breaking details in the police training accident that injured a recruit. the possibility of a dangerous mistake under investigation.
5:54 pm
why the class should not have been in owings mills to begin with. but first. >> issues farther than pepper spray. that was the advantage. >> a new tool for self-defense has some women arming themselves with something that is in their home already possibly. what they are using and how it works. that is next.
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a newme have been using kendl tool to keep attackers at bay. it is affordable and cheap.
5:57 pm
it is a product you probably have in your home right now. >> it is barely $7 but it makes joy feel a lot safer. >> if you come to the counter i face.with t zap you in the >> she has armed her employees with wasp spray. she is not the only one. carol dickinson has not left home without it. >> i keep a can of wasp spray in my car. >> her friend center and e-mail suggesting she tried. >> i cannot shoot a gun but i can shoot this wasp spray. >> they say it is how the spray
5:58 pm
shoots that appeals to them. >> it shoots further than pepper spray. >> it goes 20 feet and you can directed at somebody and that brings them down. mace you have to be closer and the person can get the mace and put it on you. >> that was ann hallridge reporting. law enforcement said it is a violation of federal law to use parts in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. here is what is new at 6:00 p.m. >> the famous general and a three decade old battle against gun control. marshaling support in annapolis. max a training exercise off the books. the latest problem in the investigation of the shooting of a police trainee. >> new information concerning a hopkins gynecologist who was accused of taking appropriate pictures of his patients. 11 news at 6:00 p.m. starts
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right now. >> you're watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. and nationally known gun advocate is in annapolis today. >> chair ready is using her skill and influence to help push passage of the governor's gun- control proposal. you may remember her husband was wounded in the 1981 assassination attempt on ronald reagan. david collins joins us live with what more sarah brady had his say. >> and sarah brady believes the governor's plan will pass. >> i like the licensing. >> sarah brady, the general of a 32-year battle with the nrave


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